Employers Have Access to More Online Information to Hire Workers Needed to Fill Labour Shortages

OTTAWA —  Employers can now
access more information online about Citizenship and Immigration
Canada (CIC) programs to hire permanent and temporary foreign
workers, Minister Jason Kenney announced today.

In keeping with the government’s focus on the importance of
immigration to Canada’s economy and growth, the CIC website has been
redesigned to include a new section to guide employers to the most
suitable program.

“The economy and job growth remain the number one priority of the
Government,” said Minister Jason Kenney. “Labour shortages are
becoming a growing problem in many regions, and this website will
help employers access information that will help them hire permanent
or temporary foreign workers when no Canadians are able to fill a

Employers can learn the steps involved in hiring temporary foreign
workers, helping to bring a worker to Canada permanently and hiring
international students studying in Canada.

In addition to the enhanced website, the Department is reaching out
directly to employers through public consultations.

“Immigration is becoming increasingly important to meeting our labour
market needs,” said Minister Kenney. “I want to strengthen the
partnership with employers to ensure our economic immigration program
better meets the needs of our economy.”

This new website, a work in progress, builds on the success of other
online tools for employers, such as the Employer’s Roadmap, available
at http://www.credentials.gc.ca/employers/roadmap/index.asp