“On Their Own: The Trials of South Asian Seniors Issue”

On Their Own: The Trials of South Asian Seniors is an hour-long Canadian documentary airs for the first time Sunday, November 18, 2012 at 8 pm on OMNI 2. The unique documentary examines the plight of senior immigrants of South Asian origin. By sharing the story of one remarkable elderly couple surviving on their own, the film addresses the larger issues of loneliness, abandonment, fear and abuse that many of Canada’s immigrant seniors are experiencing. Front line social workers and experts discuss how elderly immigrants are forgotten or mistreated by the children who sponsor them. The film also highlights the pressures faced by family members who act as caregivers for their elderly parents.

Jafry’s documentary on South Asian seniors will be shown by Omni TV on Nov. 18 & 25

Syed Ghulam Panjatan Jafry, a prominent broadcaster and producer of numerous
documentaries on varied subjects, added another feather to his cap with his latest interesting production. This time he produced an excellent and useful documentary portraying the life of South Asian Seniors in Canada. The hour long documentary entitled – On Their Own: The Trials of South Asian Seniors, is in five languages – English, Punjabi, Tamil, Bengali and Gujarati with each documentary containing DV (descriptive video). All these documentaries will be presented on Omni TV.

The first documentary that will be in English will be shown on November 18, 2012 at 8 p.m.and the second documentary in Gujarati will go on air on November 25, 2012, also at 8 p.m.

This documentary was fully funded by the OMNI Ontario Independent Production Initiative, said Jafry Jawad Jafry and Richard Landau are the co-producers of the documentary.

“On Their Own: The Trials of South Asian Seniors”, examines the plight of senior immigrants of South Asian origins.”Through a focus on some elderly people surviving on their own, the documentary examines the loneliness, abandonment and fear that many of Canada’s immigrant seniors experience,”

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