Taxi industry concerned about negative impact of ride-sharing services

BRAMPTON – Taxi drivers from the Greater Toronto Area are voicing their concerns over the negative impact ride-sharing businesses are having on their livelihood. This issue has escalated over recent months with taxi companies staging protests and demanding the government get involved in eradicating services such as Uber.
The regulation of “ride-sharing” businesses, such as Uber, fall to the province and municipality. The NDP understands the concerns and believes this is an issue that requires all levels of government to work together, with drivers and business owners, to identify opportunities and solutions that best address the issue.Ravi Kahloon
“There are a large number of Bramptonians that work in the taxi industry,” said Harbaljit Singh Kahlon, the NDP candidate for Brampton East, “and while canvassing in the community, I’m hearing concerns over the threat Uber poses to the taxi industry and the livelihood of thousands of taxi drivers” Kahlon explained to some local taxi drivers.
“With the emergence of new business models, technological advancements are needed to encourage new ideas that are reflective of the 21st century. A single solution for all problems is often not possible, but we need to work together to find a resolution” said Kahlon.
The NDP is committed to working with all parties involved while encouraging an environment where innovative ideas can flourish, and consumer needs and safety are addressed.
“The federal government should encourage innovation and new ideas while taking into account the need to protect consumers and working with other levels of government.”