How to keep momentum throughout the school year

There’s a lot of energy and excitement when starting out the new year. The first few weeks are jam-packed with activities and events to help settle into new routines and explore new friendships. But the excitement of a new adventure can continue beyond frosh week.

“It’s easy for the novelty to wear off once you’re into the first few weeks of classes, but finding ways to keep the momentum going means students will get more out of the entire experience,” says Laura Plant, director of student banking at RBC. “As workloads get heavier, assignments more challenging, and schedules more demanding, make sure you encourage your child to carve out time outside their studies.”

Here are some tips for parents to share with their university or college kids:

Why not try something new? You might think it’s counter-intuitive to add more things to an already busy schedule, but taking on a new hobby or passion can be invigorating. Whether signing up for a class or lecture outside of their studies or workshops that allow them to explore their creative side, it’s important to make the most of the opportunities on campus.

Or why not join a new group? It’s all too easy to drop off the social scene when things get busier. But socializing is a critical part of a successful school experience. A great way to connect with people is to join an intramural team, student association or other on-campus group. Not only will your student make new friends and have a weekly activity to look forward to, they’ll also gain a wider support system and a fresh perspective.

Don’t forget health. When the pressure’s on, often the last thing anyone thinks about is keeping up with healthy habits. But that’s exactly the time when students need to put in extra effort to eat healthy and exercise. If they do that, odds are they will sleep a lot better, which means they’ll be more focused and have a lot more energy to get through the busier parts of the school day.

Have a little fun, too. Taking time out to for enjoyment is essential, whether it’s a few minutes of down time at a local cafe, going for a walk or visiting a local gallery or museum. After all, everyone deserves a break once in a while.

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