Top 5 questions you should ask your doctor about prescribed medications

When you are sitting in your doctor’s office, it can feel like your mind suddenly goes blank as soon as you are asked ‘do you have any questions’. Cut out this article and bring it to your next appointment.

  1. How and When Should I Use This Medication? Many medications are most effective when taken at certain times of the day and in some cases with or without food. Some medications require learning how to use a device (such as an inhaler, of which there are many types).
  2. What Are the Best Ways I Can Manage Multiple Medications? If you have several medications, it is often good to ask whether they are best taken together or throughout the day. Some pharmacies can pack your pills into pouches saving you time and confusion about which medications to take when.
  3. Is There a Simpler Way to Get My Medication Dosing? When it comes to multiple pills and inhalers it is easy to get overwhelmed. Advances in treatment may have resulted in easier to use medications. Ask your doctor for the best strategy to use for you.
  4. How Do I Know When I Should Stop Taking This Medication? Some medications are prescribed for a short period based on a symptom you are experiencing, while others are for long-term use to help slow down or control disease progression. Check with your doctor before stopping a medication because you are feeling better.
  5. What Should I Do If I Miss a Dose? It happens to everyone, but doubling a dose the next day can be dangerous for some medications. Ask your doctor or pharmacist what you should do if you miss a dose of your medication, and tips for making your daily routine less complex and easier to follow.

Always confirm instructions before starting or changing a medication. Be sure to ask your doctor if there are options available that may work better, or help to cut down on the number of medications you take.