Home-Selling Savvy Differs From Coast to Coast

Do you know which Canadian province has the most selling-savvy residents? What community has bought and sold the most homes? When it comes to real estate know-how, a recent survey by Kijiji Canada reveals interesting differences from coast-to-coast:

• British Columbians are savvy salespeople. More than one-third of B.C. residents have completed a home sale on their own – a statistic higher than any other province. British Columbia also has the highest percentage of residents, at 17 per cent, reporting that they plan to sell their house within the next year.

• Sellers in Alberta are most likely to stage a home on their own. Nearly 40 per cent have done it in the past, versus their Saskatchewan neighbours who self-stage the least, at 14 per cent.

• Ontario residents seem to have the least trouble getting rid of items before selling, while Quebeckers have the hardest time (37 versus 19 per cent).

• Who renovates the most in preparation for sale? Sellers in Atlantic Canada appear to be the most adept with 20 per cent of survey respondents claiming they “complete their own renovations.”

• Atlantic Canadians are least happy with the final sale price of their home, with 27 per cent of sellers reporting that their home sold for less than market value.

While some Canadians are more “home selling savvy” than others, Kijiji is seeing a spike in home sales across the country. According to Zachary Candelario, the general manager for Kijiji Canada, their online classified site has seen an increase of more than 37 per cent in traffic to the Housing category. Furthermore, compared with the previous year, in 2011 nearly twice as many housing properties were posted for sale. (NC)