In appreciation of social work

By Mary McNeil
Minister of Children and Family Development

VICTORIA - They serve families, children and youth, seniors, criminal
offenders, trauma victims and people in need of social services. Social
work practitioners and clinicians make a difference every day in every B.C.

British Columbia has proclaimed March 5-11, 2012, as Social Work Week
to recognize the contributions of those valuable individuals in the social
work field for helping make a difference in the lives of their fellow British

Social workers and others working in the field are faced daily with
extremely difficult decisions that affect the lives of others. Many of these
decisions must be made instantly in high-pressure, complex and
occasionally dangerous situations. A social worker who recently retired
after 40 years said, "Nobody has all the answers, but some professions
have to take on the social responsibility."

Practitioners and clinicians advocate, counsel, support and quite often
cheerlead as they support those in need and in crisis. British Columbians
are fortunate to have such a strong set of individuals who are willing to
take on the heavy burden of responsibility and make difficult decisions
with the aim of serving the public.

During Social Work Week, I want to recognize the more than 2,600 social
workers, front-line staff and clinicians in the Ministry of Children and
Family Development and delegated Aboriginal agencies, as well as the
many other organizations serving the citizens of B.C. in family service,
health and community-based organizations.

They are skilled, trained professionals who believe in the worth and
dignity of the people they work with, and we owe them a debt of