Premier Clark’s statement on International Women’s Day

VICTORIA – Premier Christy Clark released the following statement on
International Women’s Day, March 8, 2012:

“The first International Women’s Day celebrated over a hundred years
ago marked the ongoing struggle for a woman’s right to work, vote, hold
public office and end gender discrimination. Today, in many parts of
the world, women remain vulnerable without the rights, freedoms and
privileges we often take for granted here in North America.

“Women in British Columbia are an example to the world. We are the
healthiest in Canada; we have the longest life expectancies, lowest
smoking rates, and are active in politics and business; are primary
caregivers, mentors and role models.

“In Canada, the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is –
“Strong Women Strong Canada: Women in Rural, Remote and Northern
Communities: Key to Canada’s Economic Prosperity.” Here in B.C. we hope
to continue to inspire our girls to consider fields such as the trades,
which are considered “non-traditional.” I’m proud to report that this
year alone, we have 1,500 women participating in trades training
programs across British Columbia.

“Our government knows that women are the core of the family unit, the
key to healthy families and we are proud to continue to support B.C.
families. So whether it’s building supportive or transition housing,
raising the minimum wage, changing the Family Act, or creating more job
opportunities in area such as the trades – our government is focused on
putting families first.

“I urge all British Columbians to recognize and honour the achievements
of the women in their lives, our mothers, sisters, wives, colleagues
and friends.”