Premier Clark Notes One Year Anniversary Of Japan Earthquake

VICTORIA – Premier Christy Clark released the following statement on the one-year anniversary of the Japan earthquake and resulting tsunami:

“One year ago, the world watched in horror as disaster struck our friends in Japan. It would become even more devastating as the hours and days passed. The untold damage of that earthquake and the incalculable destruction of the tsunami that followed will be remembered for generations, and forever changed the lives of so many Japanese families.

“British Columbia is proud to have been part of the recovery effort with one of our oldest trading partners. Our government is pleased to support the Canada-Tōhoku Reconstruction Project, a joint federal-provincial-industry partnership with Japanese authorities that supports construction of facilities using Canadian wood.

“One year later, our hearts, thoughts and prayers remain with those families who lost their homes and loved ones. The strength, determination and human spirit displayed by those affected inspire us still.”