Diversity Is The Real Equalizer For Canada’s Multicultural Society

Some Patronizing People In The Mainstream Like To Use The Phrase “There Is One Race, The Human Race” To Cover Up The Real Issues Facing Our Society

At times, it’s not easy walking the walk and talking the talk regarding diversity. Sometimes we say things we may regret later on due to ignorance or otherwise. One thing is clear, I don’t have all the answers, however, I’m always interested in learning, offering feedback and providing leadership where needed.

I’ve had the following statement said to me many times; “There is one race, the human race.” I would like to take some time to expound upon this. There’s some truth to this reference, however, sometimes it’s used as a blanket statement and it neglects to delve into the real issues we face in our communities. Yes we are all part of the human race, however, the issue we still face is that people are categorized and defined by their nationalities which can lead to stereotyping. When people use this statement, I believe they have good intentions, however, they’re not recognizing the different levels individuals are at with their understanding and viewpoints of all people being equal.

We all like to believe that the world is a great place and that diversity is working, but the truth is that much work remains for this statement to become a reality. I’ve found that in the process of everyone speaking on diversity, we find ourselves focusing more on our differences than what makes us equal. I think this could be a fault regarding the matter. I’ve learned that what we should be doing is identifying what we all have in common and what makes us the same and by doing so, we will then be able to accept and learn to celebrate diversity. It may take people to get out of the “village” way of life that they have become accustom to and have brought with them to Canada. Some new Canadians that hold onto this mindset are actually isolating themselves rather than integrating into the mainstream.

While growing up, I recall when people made reference to the “community” it was understood to be considered one. Now when we make reference to the “community” there are many parallel “communities” to what we used to refer as the single “community.” Is this a good thing? Time will only tell.

[ Article by Ken Herar/ Diversity in the Work Place ]

Ken “Kulwinder” Herar is a Mission-based writer and a winner of the champions of diversity award for his columns in the LINK newspaper and other Fraser Valley newspapers. Contact Herar at kenherar@gmail.com or view his blog at http://www.kenherar.blogspot.com