Remembering Jack Layton: “Love Is Better Than Anger”

Vancouver – B.C. New Democrat leader Adrian Dix issued the following statement today in remembrance of Jack Layton.

“Today, British Columbians of all political stripes will be taking time to remember and honour Jack Layton.

“When Jack passed last August, our province and nation came together. We shared how he inspired us with his optimism, and resolve to help make Canada more fair and equal.

“Jack was of course a remarkable political leader – one deeply committed to social justice and a sustainable environment. And his optimism, humour and spirit inspired many to get involved in politics – particularly young people. He also had a special and longstanding relationship with the people of B.C., and in particular with NDP members and supporters. We truly miss him.

“Today, communities across Canada will be holding tributes for Jack. I will be joining many others at the event taking place outside the Vancouver Convention Centre this evening at 6 p.m. I hope to see many of you there.

“Our thoughts are also with Olivia Chow and Jack’s family today. Olivia’s strength and determination the face of adversity is an ongoing inspiration to all of us.”