Share your memories of seeing first South Asian Film

The SAFF Canada Global Memories Project invites people around the world to share their memories of seeing their first South Asian Film. You can submit a video or article about your experiences. SAFF Canada will screen and post the best submissions to our website and YouTube channel.

Find the Memories Project that works best for you and share your experience!

Here is the list of projects:

SAFF Canada Student Memories Project Competition – Open to students around the world. Top 3 films will be chosen by SAFF followers on our website and YouTube channel, each will receive a $3,500 Canadian cash award.
Your SAFF Memories Project (Video) – Open to anyone who wishes to create a 2 minute video of their first South Asian film memories.
Your SAFF Memories Project (Written) – Open to anyone who wishes to write a short article/story of their first South Asian Film memories.
Celebrating 100 Years of Indian Cinema Memories Project – This project celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the world’s most vibrant and prolific film industry. Video, radio and print interviews will be conducted in Mumbai with film celebrities, public figures in the arts, industry, government and sports worlds, and the general public.

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