Minister Kenney Visits Ireland to Meet Workers Looking for a Chance to Come to Canada

OTTAWA, ONTARIO — Citizenship,
Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney arrives in
Ireland tomorrow for an official visit to promote Canada as a
destination for international talent.

On the Minister’s agenda is a visit to Dublin’s Working Abroad Expo
recruitment fair. He will promote Canada’s strong economy and
encourage talent from Ireland to apply for jobs to work in Canada.

“The Government of Canada is committed to building an immigration
system that actively recruits talent rather than passively processing
all applications that we receive,” said Minister Kenney. “That’s why
I’m visiting this job fair to personally market all the opportunities
that Canada has to offer to talented individuals from around the

The Government of Canada is building a fast and flexible economic
immigration system whose primary focus is on meeting Canada’s labour
market needs. The government is exploring with provinces, territories
and employers approaches to developing a pool of skilled workers who
could be selected to immigrate to Canada and who are ready to begin
employment here.

“This is the next frontier in Canadian immigration: looking at
opportunities to attract the best talent and going out there and
getting it,” said Minister Kenney.

In recent years, Citizenship and Immigration Canada has undertaken
much needed reforms to strengthen Canada’s immigration system and
better support the country’s economic needs. The creation of a
modernized, efficient economic immigration program for Canada
provides an opportunity for an increased role for employers in
identifying economic immigrants that could make a contribution to
their workplace. Such a role could help achieve a better match
between skilled immigrant supply and labour market demand, which is
of concern to Canadian employers.

During his trip to Ireland, Minister Kenney will also discuss
opportunities for young people from Ireland to work in Canada as part
of the International Experience Canada program.