Newcomers And Canadians Express Their Love For Canada

MARKHAM– For generations, Canada has been welcoming people from all over the world to her shores. This Canada Day, WelcomePack Canada created a platform for the nation to get together and proclaim their love for Canada by clicking the ‘I Love Canada’ button on WelcomePack Canada. The goal is to generate 50,000 ‘loves’ for Canada by July 1, Canada’s 148th birthday. The counter has already started rolling as the love pours in.

Visitors to the site are also enjoying and sharing a specially created Canada Day eBook called ‘I Love Canada’, a story that weaves together Canada’s history, geography, achievements, and values, leaving one with a deep appreciation of belonging to this great land. An inspiring eCard applauding the values Canada stands for – freedom, peace, love for nature, and love of diversity, is being sent on as Canada Day greetings. There is also a ‘My Canada Contest’ with ‘Canada Rocks’ sippers and special limited edition Canada Flag coin sets to be won. welcome pack canada

“Canada is a wonderful land that attracts people from all over the world. Whether we have come here recently, or been here for generations, this country deserves our love and loyalty,” says Andrew Srinarayan, Vice President, WelcomePack Canada Inc.

About WelcomePack
WelcomePack Canada is a newcomer program, which welcomes new immigrants to Canada, along with over 30 leading Canadian brands. It helps them settle, fostering a sense of belonging to the Canadian way of life. Also included in the WelcomePack gift box is an informative magazine that provides helpful settlement information, and thousands of dollars worth of savings.

After a successful first year of launch, WelcomePack is gearing up for their second year of reaching out to newcomers to Canada with their ‘Welcome To Remember’ initiative. New immigrants who have arrived on or after January 1, 2013, can pick up their free WelcomePack gift box from over 60 locations in the GTA. More information is available