Caregivers Action Centre Dissatisfied with Conservative Promise

 Caregivers Action Centre, an Ontario based organization of over a 1,000 current and former Live-In Caregivers, insisted at a recent  announcement by Conservative Minister Jason Kenney that Caregivers and migrant workers deserve permanent residency status on arrival and not more broken promises.

Minister Jason Kenney repeated a promise to a group of angry and crying caregivers that a re-elected Conservative Government will resolve the permanent residency backlog of pending applications, even though the length of time Caregivers must wait for permanent residency has doubled from 26 months to 50 months.  

 As of November of 2014, when changes were last announced to the Live-In / Caregiver Program, 90% of all LMIAs for Caregivers have been rejected, making it impossible for Caregivers to leave exploitative jobs, or find new work when their employment ends.

Kirstina Torres, Live-In-Caregiver
Kirstina Torres, Live-In-Caregiver

Caregiver Kristina Torres, spoke to this issue at a recent press announcement  at Mount Zion Church. “The Conservative government is touring our churches, temples and mosques, posing as a friend to immigrants while secretly making it harder for our families to stay together,” she said.

The gathering had the atmosphere of a protest as Caregivers held placards reading: “Caregivers deserve permanent status on landing.”  Currently caregivers must have Canadian work permits before entering the country to work.