Safe driving starts before you get behind the wheel

Obeying the speed limit, eliminating distractions and leaving enough room for braking are all critical to safe driving, but road safety starts before you even get behind the wheel.  Consider these five tips before your next journey:

  1. Ensure your vehicle has the right tires for the season. Winter tires perform best on snow and ice, and even on cold dry roads. They are designed to stay flexible and provide more grip at colder temperatures. The auto service experts at Fountain Tire recommend changing over your all-season tires for winter tires when the average daily temperature dips below 7°.
  2. Make sure your tires are inflated properly. Your tires can impact the control you have while driving and stopping, especially in difficult driving conditions. Proper inflation also extends the life of your tires and can lower your fuel costs, not to mention protect them from damage if you hit a pothole.
  3. Keep an eye on tread depth. Tread is all about braking, traction and how quickly you can maneuver in a dangerous situation. It’s time to replace your all-season tires when there is 1.6 millimeter tread depth remaining.
  4. Know what’s happening under the hood. Everything from the oil and fluids to belts, hoses and major systems impact your ability to get to your destination safely. Following your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended preventative maintenance schedule will ensure your vehicle is in top condition and help you avoid costly repairs in the long run.
  5. Do a walk-around. In addition to checking the inflation and wear of your tires, ensure headlights, brake lights and signal lights are working. Make sure all windows and mirrors are clean and free of debris and that your wipers are functioning. Check for leaks under the vehicle, which could be an indicator of trouble under the hood.

Not sure if your vehicle is safe on the road? Fountain Tire auto service experts offer maintenance, repairs and tire inspections at all locations.

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